About us

As the founder of Productionhotel, I have been working for many years in the hotel industry. After dealing with production companies for several years while working for hotels, I came up with the Idea for Productionhotel a couple of years ago.

Many production companies require hotel rooms on an irregular basis. The nature of the business often means that it is not uncommon for the number of rooms required to fluctuate wildly from year to year. Hotels often have great difficulty in giving a consistently low price on that basis.

To meet the needs of our customers Productionhotel accumulate the room nights from all companies to even out the difference in room night production from year to year. This way production companies will gain the volume benefits from each other and get a consistently low price.

Productionhotel does not make hotel agreement with all hotels, as the price and advantages will level out as the number of hotels increases.

Productionhotel has carefully selected hotels with a proven track record in meeting the needs of production companies.

Welcome to Productionhotel – we look forward to serving you.

Niels Christian Hancke

CEO Productionhotel.com